September 2, 2021

Pigeons and Doves Part One

Flap on over and join Paul and Donna for a coo episode about those head-bobbin', saucy-walkin', statue-poopin' pigeons and doves!

Did Thousands of Pigeons Poop on Spectators at 1936 Olympic Games?

Quiz for Paul: Pigeon or Dove?

A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching

Mighty Bird Brains

How Two Pigeons Helped Scientists Confirm the Big Bang Theory


Featured image is:

"Pigeon" by RG in TLV is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Technical support by Matthew Csomo, bed music by Kevin MacLeod, our logo was created by Imran Javed. Our vocal talent was by Kari McGinnis, Jennifer Csomo, and Stacey and Frosty.

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