May 21, 2020


Leopards! Paul and Donna love them. Join us as we talk about these amazing big cats.

*Note, Paul and Donna discuss the appearance of a black panther in the Little House in the Big Woods, and thought this was probably a black cougar. After some research, though it appears that the cat in the book was either a jaguar (whose range was that far north at the time of the story), or, Grandpa Olsen made it up! We'll talk about that briefly next recording session. Cheers!



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About our voice actors:
The wonderful and supportive Kari McGinnis.
Chris “Toph” Green is the host of the GravityBeard podcast.
Curtis Craddock is the author of the novel An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors (The Risen Kingdoms, #1)
Josh Hallmark runs the Our Americana network and hosts the podcasts Our Americana, The Karen and Ellen Letters, Playlist and True Crime Bullshit.
Justine and Santiago are the hosts of the very funny Weird With You podcast.
Frosty is the co-host of The Show with The Preshaah and Frosty,
and last but never least, Stacey from Rough Giraffe, and Run With Me On This.

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